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Expanding Our Reach For the Sake of God’s Kingdom

For more than 100 years, GuideStone® has been helping to secure and enhance the livelihoods of those who serve sacrificially on the spiritual frontlines. This commitment to “serve those who serve the Lord with the integrity of our hearts and the skillfulness of our hands” is the driving force of our organization. It is displayed across each of our service offerings — from Insurance to Retirement to Investments — and is most evident through the work of Mission:Dignity®, our ministry that provides financial assistance to over 1,800 retired ministers, workers and their widows whose income is insufficient to meet their ongoing needs.

At GuideStone, we count it an honor to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ as they strive to manage and steward their finances in a way that honors the Lord. As we have grown into an industry-recognized financial services firm, we have prayerfully sought to use the resources the Lord has entrusted to us in ways that glorify Him and promote the growth of His Kingdom. In line with this calling, we believe now is the time for us to take the next step in our mission and expand our ability to create positive impact in the world.

GuideStone is excited to announce the launch of a new mutual fund designed specifically for impact investing. This Fund will focus on three primary themes — Life, Dignity and Stewardship — and will seek to invest in companies that protect human life, promote human dignity and enhance the efficiency and accessibility of life-sustaining resources. In doing so, we are providing a way for evangelical Christian investors to be more proactive with their investment dollars and partner together to have a positive impact for God’s Kingdom.

We invite you to learn more about this new offering and see how you can incorporate impact investing into your portfolio.

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