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GuideStone Experts See Rising Volatility, Discuss Steps Investors Should Consider

Dallas, TX — As the U.S. stock market continues to eclipse all-time highs — the S&P 500 Index® has recorded 43 new all-time highs between November 8 and August 11 — GuideStone® experts caution that the markets may be set for a period of extended volatility.

GuideStone Financial Resources® Chief Operating Officer John R. Jones and Chief Strategic Investment Officer David S. Spika discussed the market and investor responses to potential volatility in a new Conversations with GuideStone video that debuted last week.

“We believe the market is not pricing in the true risks in the environment,” Spika said in the video. “There’s this perception that we’re in some sort of Goldilocks environment, but we disagree. When you consider the fact that the Fed is raising interest rates, they’re talking about reducing the balance sheet, the economy is struggling to grow at a reasonable pace, and we’ve got so much political acrimony in Washington that we’re not going to get any sort of policy approval in the near-term, we think there is tremendous risk out there, and we don’t feel like the market is appropriately pricing that in at this point.”

Jones emphasized that one of GuideStone’s “core principles and beliefs is the value of broad diversification on the part of investors,” which Spika echoed is vitally important during periods of potential volatility.

“The one thing we encourage investors to do is not overreact to short-term moves in the market,” Spika said, adding that there is going to be a correction at some point, but investors should not let short-term moves affect their long-term investment strategy.

Spika concluded the video by saying that like our participants, we at GuideStone rest in the fact that our Lord is in ultimate control.

The Conversations with GuideStone videos are available for free by visiting http://www.guidestonefunds.com/conversations 


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