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Updated - Anthem breach information

GuideStone is aware of the data breach that occurred with Anthem BCBS and has remained in regular communication with Highmark BCBS, which administers GuideStone’s health plans. GuideStone was notified that some of our participants who live in or have had claims in any of the 14 states* served by Anthem BCBS since 2004, may have had their personal information compromised. Update March 27, 2015: GuideStone has received word that while some personal information was accessed, Social Security numbers for GuideStone recipients were not accessed.

Highmark BCBS has begun notifying potentially affected participants via mail. The letter from Highmark advises that our impacted customers will receive a separate letter from Anthem with instructions on how participants can sign up for free credit monitoring provided through Anthem, as well as a link to Anthem’s website where participants can go for further information. You will not need your Highmark ID number to sign up for the free credit monitoring provided through Anthem. Only participants who have been affected by this data breach will receive letters from Highmark and Anthem over the coming weeks. No action is necessary if you do not receive a letter from Highmark or Anthem.

GuideStone continues to advocate for our participants with Anthem through Highmark. Highmark and GuideStone remain committed to ensuring that affected participants will be notified of their rights and steps they can take to protect themselves from Anthem’s data breach.

In addition to the letter, Anthem’s website remains the most accurate, up-to-date place to locate information.

*Anthem serves California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.