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Personalized Retirement Planner

Do you know what it takes to work toward a secure retirement? Use this calculator to help you create your personalized savings and retirement plan by following these four simple steps:

Number One  Review your personalized inputs as prepopulated by GuideStone® and modify as needed.
For example, it may be important for you to adjust your expected retirement age from 65 to an age that fits your specific circumstances and retirement strategy.

Number Two  Input additional, required data — such as annual household income, total current retirement savings percentage (including employee and employer contributions), and if you anticipate Social Security benefits being part of your retirement income.
For the most accurate assessment, add any other retirement savings from previous employment and/or a spouse.

Number Three  Understand financial assumptions utilized and click “calculate” to see if you’re on track.
Review overall assessment, including tips to help you meet your goal.

Number Four  Implement an action plan based on your results.
As an optional step, rerun your numbers to see alternative outcomes. For example, see what happens as you increase your savings percentage.